ShtarragHekkert GmbH, Chemnitz, Germany the Address of your success

ShtarragHekkert GmbH, Chemnitz, Germany the Address of your success
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Serial production of milling machine tools in the German city of Chemnitz in the earth Saxony has begun in 1898, later 13 years after Johann Baptist Vinkelhofer and Rihard Adolf Enike have based in 1885 firm on manufacture and repair of bicycles.

In 1896 the firm has been renamed in „Wanderer-Fahrradwerk“. Before Second World War Wanderer was the largest machine-building firm in Europe producing the milling equipment.

In 1951 of tradition of machine-tool construction have been continued at factory WMW Fritz Heckert in Chemnitz (Karl-Marx-Stadt). The join equipment used wide popularity in Soviet Union. It has been delivered about 50 000 machine tools, some of them are in working order and today. Employees of ShtarragHekkert with pride speak: «When we happen in industrial shops of the Russian factories, to us often show the equipment with logo WMW Fritz Heckert which regularly works till now».
This high standard of German quality is carefully observed and now. Still principal distinctive feature of the equipment which is issued at factory ShtarragHekkert to Chemnitz is its ability to save stable accuracy of handling within decades.
Today factory ShtarragHekkert in Chemnitz offers to delivery both individual processing centers, and complex инжиниринговые decisions on a turn-key basis. The firm realizes wishes of Customers on handling of the most difficult case details from a steel, pig-iron or aluminum.

Fig. 1 Shop of firm Wanderer

The hi-tech equipment of ShtarragHekkert allows to lower essentially expenses for a unit of production and considerably to raise production efficiency in such branches, as the car - and тракторостроение, power, aircraft engineering, the general and transport mechanical engineering – at the expense of such important characteristics, as:

Fig. 2 Modern assembly shop ShtarragHekkert in Chemnitz

Compact processing centers of a series CARRIED 400D – CARRIED 500D (the size палеты 500х400 and 630х500мм) are aimed at lowering of unproductive auxiliary time at the expense of increase of response characteristics. Depending on an execution variant (Flexibel, Dynamik, Power) speed of a fast course can make to 100 m/min, acceleration – to 14m/c2, frequency of rotation of a spindle to 20 000 rpm.

Ability stablly to work at the raised loadings characterizes the series equipment CARRIED 500-630-800 Athletic (палеты 500х630, 630х800 and 800х1000мм). To it promote the highest rigidity of machine tools and high-efficiency (67 kw) a horizontal spindle. For example, the volume of pick-up of a shaving at force handling of a steel makes the Spindle over 1800 sm3/minutes can be executed with пинолью (CARRIED 800) or a turning is horizontal-vertical head for handling from five sides. Possibility of 5-axial handling gives optional application combined podemno-on

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